Graphic Design and Brochure Layout

Dells Lumberjack Show & Paul Bunyan’s Restaurant 

Nothing says summer in Wisconsin like a trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Paul Bunyan’s restaurant has been a staple in the community for more than 60 years serving up Cook Shanty meals and offering a Lumberjack Show right next door. 


Eric Jacobs


Graphic Design
Page Layout
Large Quantity Printing

The Dells Lumberjack Show and Wisconsin Dells Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty came to us looking to combine both of their businesses brochures into one to help with advertising and distribution expenses. We helped them take both of their current brochures and combine them into one that has the ability to showcase either business based on the way it is placed into the brochure racks inside of hundreds of businesses throughout the state.

Brochure Design

With as many businesses that are displayed in the brochure racks within the distribution area, they needed something that would stand out from the crowd. We did this by visiting the area and doing some research on what other companies were doing. After that we realized that by having a bold color like yellow fit on the top section that would be showing in the rack, they would be what everyone’s eye was drawn too. Within the interior and exterior of the brochure we kept the wood background matching the floors of the restaurant to help keep the brochure a true representation of what customers can expect while visiting.

 Split Pannel Layout

In order to cut the advertising and distribution expenses of having two separate businesses have separate brochures and print runs we designed a single brochure that, when folded, could be placed either direction showcasing each business seperatly. This saved them 1,000’s of dollars in printing and distribution. As an added bonus, when a customer picked up one brochure they had information on both the show and restaurant – increasing conversions between both businesses.

Follow through and PRinting

We provided support and final output files for printing in the 80,000 to 120,000 quantity volume. Working with a handful of our choice printing companies to deliver the best price and quality to help them stand out from all the other businesses represented in the brochure racks.

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