Web Design

Anovia Health

Anovia Health is a health care system loacted throughout the State of Wisconsin helping their members gain access to quality healthcare from multiple different locations. 


Eric Jacobs


Web Design

Anovia Health came to us looking for a new website when they were starting there business. They needed a site that was easy to update and also easy to expand as quickly as they were. They needed functionality for their memebers to quickly gain access to their locations, pricing, and infomation. 

Website Features

We created a easy to navigate website for their users to gain access to all the information that someone might need in order to sign up for healthcare services or to become a healthcare partner. 

Member Portal Linking

Responsive Design

Creative Solutions

Responsive website design

Anovia Health’s website is fully responsive, meaning it will work on any screen from a masive PC monitor to a tablet, all they way down to moblie device without loosing any functionality.

Graphic Design

Anovia Health worked with Discover Mediaworks in order to get their branding in place. We worked off of their logo and color scheme to come up with a theme that fit thier personality and image with many of the graphic elements on the site created by us.

Ongoing Support

After handing the keys over to the team at Anovia, we have kept a great relationship and provide them with ongoing support for both their website and hosting.

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