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Ucan Mobility

UCan Mobility was started by a father who’s son has cerebral palsy and was bound to a wheelchair. He was inspired by his sons love for the outdoors and needed a way to get him out there to experience it. With that goal he became Wisconsin’s Action Track Chair Dealer and sells additonal attachmets to help people get around.


Eric Jacobs


Logo Design
Web Design

Ucan Mobility Logo Design

UCan Mobility came to us looking for help with their logo and branding imagry for their new business. We created a logo that would work in many different applications in both web and print. The logo was designed with a wheel chair as inspiration and played off the goal of getting people bound to them outdoors to enjoy their lives. After the logo design, they were so pleased with the results they asked us to create them a website as well.

ucan mobility website design wisconsin

Website Features

UCan Mobility’s website is a functional sales website that includes custom quote forms, e-commerce store, and information related to the sales of thier products. The layout of the site showcases a visually appealing video header that captures the users attention before offering information about their products.


Interactive Design

Responsive LAyout

E-Commerce Store


Custom Quote Forms

Creative Solutions

custom quote forms
responsive website design

Responsive website design

UCan Mobility’s website is fully responsive, meaning it will work on any screen from a masive PC monitor to a tablet, all they way down to moblie device without loosing any functionality.

Graphic Design

In addition to the logo we created for UCan Mobility, we worked off this element to develoupe a color scheme and came up with a theme that fit their mission with many all of the graphic elements on the site created by us.

Ongoing Support

After handing the keys over to the team at UCan Companies, we have kept a great relationship and provide them with ongoing support for both their website and hosting.


“Over the past five years that we’ve been working with iPress and Eric Jacobs he has seriously helped to keep our business open. I can always count on creativity, accountability, and a fair price. As our business fluctuates iPress always remains consistent. I consider Eric to be apart of our team. I know that when we succeed as a company he hesitates to take credit but if it weren’t for him and his company, our doors would have been closed a long time ago. Thanks Eric! ”

Scott Johnson
UCan Compaines, Inc.

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