Logo/Branding and Graphic Design

Orr Inspection

Orr Inspection is a Coating Inspection Company based in Southern Wisconsin. They specialize in water tank and waste water tank coating inspections serving the midwest.


Eric Jacobs


Graphic Design
Logo Design

Orr Insect came to us looking for help with their logo, branding, and printed/promotional items realated to their business. We created a logo that would work in many different applications for various aspects of their business. The logo was designed with a water tower as inspiration and played off the actual title of the business within the typography.  

Logo Design / Branding

Orr Inspection needed a logo that could be incorporated into different images and places to highlight the separate aspects of their business. The magnifying glass plays off the shape of a water tower and is blended into the typography for a logo that can go anywhere with them.

Business Related forms and Printing

While in the field Orr Inspection needed numerous forms to be printed that are branded and can be given to customers for different purposes. We designed and printed all their in field forms to help streamline their processes.

Business Cards and PRinting

With the direction of Orr Inspection we created and printed business cards for each of their employees to hand out at jobs, tradeshows, and events. We also designed and printed notepads and other promotional items to allow them to give customers branded items that they would use every day to keep their name in front of them.

Custom embroidered Work Polos

We designed, laid out and followed through production custom embroidered polos for the team at Orr Inspect to wear on job sites. This helping maintain a professional face to the team and keeping their branding customer facing.

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